3D Audio Scene Editor from Johannes Regnier on Vimeo.

Scene editor for object-based 3D audio. Made for my students attending the immersive audio seminar.
Originally for IOSONO Wave Field Synthesis.
Additional custom made audio renderers (Distance Base & VBAP) & surround reverberation.
Direct positioning, algorithmic and generative trajectories / scene transformations.

MAX / OpenGL rendering.
Compatible with IRCAM Spat.

Pure Data library for Object-based audio scene creation

A Toolbox For Interactive Control Of Spatialization for Wave Field Synthesis and IOSONO renderer,.

Done on MAX.

Compatible with IRCAM Spat (https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/spat/) . Easily adaptable to any object-based spatial audio environment.

Built with Berta.me