MIDI Synthesizer on STM32F407G_Discovery board.

  • MIDI USB Host mode (for external USB midi keyboard or controller)
  • 5 x Oscillators: virtual analog bandlimited sawtooth, bandlimited pulse wave, FM, sine, sub oscillator
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter (TPT zero-delay feedback)
  • 3 x Exponential ADSR envelopes
  • Effects : Bitcrushing / rate decimator, stereo dub delay
  • 2-inch LCD, LVGL library


Micro Tracker v.2
192 ppqn, 8 tracks, 3 voices polyphony/ track.
Polymeters & polyrhythms, generative capabilities, trig probabilities, trig conditions, randomization, random walk, Markov chains, pitch scaling, chord generation, arp, CC control, retrig, micro-timing. Midi clock In/Out.

Modal synthesizer, STM32F7 development board, touchscreen control.

16 bands resonator based on zero-delay feedback bandpass filters, dattorro stereo plate reverb, stereo ping pong delay, integrated sequencer. 


8-track micro tracker for microcontroller, similar to Amiga's Protracker or Octamed. 

4 fx slots per step and per channel, trig probabilities, randomization, retrig, CC automation, chord mode, arp mode. 96 ppqn. Midi clock out. Midi over USB. Touchscreen control. 


Dynamical systems. Swarm, spring-mass system, gravity based sequencer, orbital dynamics.

Data sent as OSC messages.

Utility device. 4 CV inputs to USB.

  • CV-to-OSC (Open Sound Control, range -5V... +5V)
  • CV-to-MIDI CC (range -5V... +5V)
  • CV/Gate-to-MIDI ( 1V/octave standard, range 0... 5V, i.e. 5 octaves)
  • 4-ch. oscilloscope
  • 4-ch. frequency counter.
  • OLED screen

12 bits ADC

Built with Berta.me