johannes regnier

Modal synthesizer on a STM32F7 development board, with touchscreen control.

16 bands resonator based on zero-delay feedback bandpass filters, dattorro plate reverb, stereo ping pong delay, integrated sequencer.


Dynamical systems. Swarm, spring-mass system, gravity based sequencer, orbital dynamics.

Data sent as OSC messages.


8-track micro tracker for microcontroller, similar to Amiga's Protracker or Octamed. 

4 fx slots per step and per channel, trig probabilities, randomization, retrig, CC automation, chord mode, arp mode. 96 ppqn. Midi clock out. Midi over USB. Touchscreen control. 

Micro Tracker v.2
192 ppqn, 8 tracks, 3 voices polyphony/ track.
Polymeters & polyrhythms, generative capabilities, trig probabilities, trig conditions, randomization, random walk, Markov chains, pitch scaling, chord generation, arp, CC control, retrig, micro-timing. Midi clock In/Out.

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